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news from augmented world expo

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Quick post to drop breadcrumbs…

And the 2013 tech field nominated as most likely to achieve light speed: Augmented Reality (AR).

Curious about the state of the ARt? You might watch Bruce Sterling’s short (~9min) keynote at the Augmented World Expo (earlier this month), here:

…or the 23-minute keynote address (YouTube) by Tomi Ahonen (“Nokia executive and author…known for his TEDx talk [describing] augmented reality as the 8th mass medium”).

If you are not familiar with what is happening in AR, just have a scroll down the event’s awards page, where you are likely to find something of interest…

Why awards? The goal of the competition is to promote excellence in Augmented Reality in various platforms and categories.”

Then, if still unsure where this is headed, imagine doing things like this:

…while wearing Google Glass-es.

Google Glass Prototype
Google Glass Prototype (Image by Ars Electronica, on Flickr)

Maybe then I’ll finally get to juggling fives…


Written by azwaldo

June 24, 2013 at 10:59 pm

Reality Augmented

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As an undergraduate student I learned that things stick in my mind if I just write them out. Let’s see if that happens this time.

Yesterday, while chatting with a new acquaintance, I found myself shading the truth once again; not quite lying, just not letting the whole light shine…so to speak. Using words like ‘graphics’ and ‘animation’, alluding to interactive design and educational content, I danced around my deep interest in virtual worlds. I reckon I’ve heard the oh!-you-play-video-games sort of response too often.

That should stop, here and now.

Anyone familiar enough with virtual worlds knows how the interface and technology seem to augment our reality. My social interaction, perspective, my imagination and creativity; all of these have evolved along with my experience in virtual reality. But, there is much more to it…

If you are a SecondLife™ user, just have a look at this video (~ 2½ min.) and tell me if you do not find something familiar.

SpaceTop, CHI 2013 (PREVIEW) from Jinha Lee on Vimeo.

How will shaping and animating digital objects inform our walk through the physical world? Just sign up, and follow your imagination.

Our host in this next video (~3½ min.) asks…

How do I get this information, which is 2-D…into the operating theater?

Hang on ’til—or jump to—around 2:20 in the video to see reality augmented, and tell me he is not showing us a truly virtual world…

Where technology improves our ability to visualize problems and find solutions, how can we dismiss the value in “playing” such games?

Written by azwaldo

March 11, 2013 at 12:02 pm