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Dropping Breadcrumbs

Former microbiologist and educator observing technology such as virtual worlds (VW), augmented reality, and online education. Blog’s name comes from my adventure in virtual reality, likely the subject of most posts.

Narrative indulgence to follow, easily dismissed.

Multiple Personalities

In 2006 I saw this Google Tech Talk featuring the founders of Linden Labs, makers of SecondLife™. Having spent years learning programming, web design, digital image manipulation, video editing and animation, SecondLife™ enticed me beyond explanation. Makin’ stuff in a virtual world must fire the right neurons, turning my blood to endorphin soup.

Image of virtual world avatar viewing a sparkling particle effect, created by scripting

Azwaldo Villota avatar, seated with nose deep in a script

It was an easy slide into obsession.

Primary VW rezidence has been an avatar named Azwaldo Villota. My first identity in an Internet community, years before, was “azwaldo.” The username “Waldo” was taken, and I was living in Arizona, so I assumed the azwaldo identity. In Spanish, a “villota” is a silly, nonsensical song.

Occasionally needing to do some testing as a remote user, an alternate avatar was created on a whim. With time, and for reasons of anonymity, that alt was used for exploring…seeking out top-shelf VW designs. This became a distraction, various projects or commissions left waiting.

Image of virtual world avatar

Weebit Offcourse

Still, the new identity brought new experiences, a new life.

While Azwaldo sits linked to a prim, nose deep in a script, the new alt pops into popular places, mingles with developers chatting with users of unbound curiosity and creativity.

New neurons fired again. I discovered joy in whimsy and follow my instincts more than before.

So, even though my work has purpose, and developing content is a priority (much still occurring as azwaldo), I find that I enjoy things the most when I am…

…a Weebit Offcourse.


Written by azwaldo

February 17, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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