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invitation to collaboration

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I often feel stymied by lack of expertise with the skill-set needed to create high quality virtual world content; graphics, texturing, prim-torture, character animation, sound-scaping, scripting of objects, three-dimensional modeling or sculpting, not to mention the sophistication of interactive game design. I still get stuck walking in tight spaces.

Visually stunning, captivating builds are possible. I have seen them.

Dip at sunset

“Dip at sunset” (image by MuccaMu (in una terza vita!!!))
From Dryland, Mado: Installation of pallina60 Loon

By comparison, educational designs often seem like…

…plain vanilla.

For a while, I was part of a design team that had grown over several years. While demonstrating an innovative approach to collaborative design, it was also quite successful. I would like to see some of those dynamic principles applied to my own personal labor of love in SecondLife™: educational content and instructional design.

What if professional content creators worked with educators to produce educational content?

Through collaboration, professional designers could illuminate the design and development of educational content. Then, maybe, instead of “plain vanilla” educational content we would find things getting a bit more spicy.

“When someone experiments and innovates in a transparent manner, we are able to learn more than simply the content. Observers learn the process and method of innovation in design and delivery of learning materials.”
George Siemens, writing about Connectivism 

So, I have pulled my soapbox out of deep Inventory and begun to rant about this in an effort to attract participation.

The Spicy Vanilla project aims to deliver top-shelf educational content in the virtual world while sharing knowledge and best practices. Got skills? Want to see virtual worlds technology step up and really help educators? Join me.

Holler, anytime.

Holler, anytime.


Written by azwaldo

May 19, 2013 at 11:28 am

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