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more than meets the eye

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I like being surprised by virtual world designs, and it happened just few moments ago.

I returned to peek under the hood of an educational sim, one only recently discovered (first clue here). I roamed around and flew up-up-up, ctrl-alt-zooming into spaces here and there; right-click-more-more inspecting random objects…all an attempt to reveal the plan, to discover more of the story.

Then I came upon a teleportal door.

image of virtual world avatar standing next to door labeled "men's dressing room"

Teleportal in Alice’s Boutique leads to….

Its location is devoted to avatar appearance, providing freebie clothing to new users. To my surprise, the familiar Anywhere Door led to a skybox hundreds of meters overhead, and…

… an elegant solution to a common problem (“How do you give users privacy for changing clothes?”)

...private dressing area for men; masculine and refined. Makes me wonder about the ladies' room...

…a private-skybox dressing area for men; masculine and refined. (Makes me curious about the ladies’ room.)

This is where the surprise sunk in. You see, I had found the skybox during an earlier flight around the sim.  I must have cammed right through the Anywhere Doors, because the space seemed disconnected, empty, and somehow incomplete; a room with no clear purpose, no obvious context. Bold-headed, I thought “this is just an unfinished sketch” and “too much is going on here.”

Discovering the elaborate build—one that is taking shape under the eye of a single, motivated educator—was a pleasant surprise in itself. Discovering that the host has an eye for interactive, user-centric design was the best surprise of all.

I reckon  I will be writing more about this space; and, until l I get my head around it a bit more, I have put off naming it here.

(If you just have to know…here is your own teleportal.)

Written by azwaldo

March 24, 2013 at 3:27 pm

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  1. nice post! thank you


    March 25, 2013 at 3:15 pm

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