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interactive design at alphatribe

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Twice, recently, I have been asked what I mean when referring to virtual world designs as “interactive“. I bumped into a fine example today…

Flying about, I came upon an oddly abstract assembling of objects, finely shaped and all textured in monochrome. Look closely and you find various sit-target animations; hidden, whimsical surprises.

Skybox doodling at alphatribe sim. It is a joy to watch Alpha Auer dance.

Skybox scene at alphatribe sim; the space designed for a party.
For scale, note avatar near center, up and to the right.

SecondLife™ veteran Alpha Auer has a sixth sense for virtual world design. Her alphatribe sim (SLurl, or blog) is only her most recent space to capture my attention.  Perhaps you remember Syncretia?

Sit-target animations let the visitor dramatize the scene.

Closer view in same scene as image above.
Sit-target animations help visitors dramatize the scene.

Apparently, this particular corner of the metaverse is a stage, custom-designed “by Kikas and Marmaduke” for a party. Very cool.

Here, we are not left to merely look upon the scene.  We can interact with objects, immersing ourselves in the setting. This is what I think of when I imagine “interactive” design. Keep me clicking and you keep me coming back.

It is probably a joy to watch Alpha Auer dance.


Written by azwaldo

March 18, 2013 at 8:24 pm

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