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It is like being on auto-pilot, watching ideas emerge.

Occasionally, and often when designing a new widget, my brain passes a threshold of excitation. A particular number of signals fire in succession, a precise amount of cells move into an altered state, or a particular alignment of neurons forms some new and unique network whose cells collectively squish an incredible chemical cocktail into my tank. Senses raised, I step aside inside and marvel at the very fabric of time being woven around in space, pushed and bent far enough outward that it reaches back inside again.

I am addicted.

This also happens in unexpected, random moments. If I am out and about, I will usually look around to see who else is paying attention.

A week ago, I was reading a blog when a question posed by its author caught my attention. Previously isolated ideas swirled and collided, distinct elements in a gaseous state, until saturation occurred and that airy moment condensed into solid realization.

Apparent problem, meet possible solution.

I was sitting under my laptop with no one nearby; no need to look around. The only person that might share this was the blog’s author.

Minutes later, I had a short message drafted relating my conjecture to the stated problem. One last, lingering thought; a bit of reflexive evaluation to indulge itself in consideration…then click; I press the “Submit Comment” button and the whole event passes into calm, quiet release.

Fleeting, but intense.

Yes, it was brief. But you can’t judge creative moments. That is what I have learned…because it did reach out into space and time. Days later my hair fairly bristled as I read the email sent in response.

Thank you, this is great!!!!!!

Verification. Resolution. Validation. I had forgotten about the comment I submitted, completely. Who knows where serendipity takes us? Any brief moment, when shared, might lead to new realizations spawning bigger ideas; especially possible in this case, given the nature of that person on the other end of the message.

Such rare, creative moments must be where we are closest to perfection. No matter what I am right now, I am doing my best when random notions gather momentum and propel my thoughts beyond control; because then I just step aside and this world sorts itself out, one problem at a time.

And my grey matter squirts a bit of endorphin, perhaps reinforcement.


Written by azwaldo

February 26, 2013 at 4:29 pm

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