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Survey Says…

I have visited at least two dozen virtual coffee shops; locations in SecondLife™ that use “coffee” in their name or description. I have so many mugs they get their own folder.

About a third of those places have no music, at all. Most have audio streaming, several even have a radio or other device (such as a phonograph); but, only one gives media access to vagabonds. Not one presented shared or parcel media.

image of modern design virtual world coffee shop

Coffee Shop at TSTC commons
Nice furnishings, no music.
(Click image to view full size.)

Granted, I may have overlooked radio buttons here or there; and, a space like Texas State Technical College’s  (image above; SLurl)—a location designed primarily for a small community—is not designed to attract traffic. Still, you want me coming back? Feed me some content. Give me some options, at least…a bit of control over the space.

It is a simple thing to let users select an audio feed. The scripts are easily found, and there are hundreds of streams if you know how to find the URLs. Or, you can just check out the list of Music Streams at the SL wiki.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bepop)

The Media Cafe project is not just about interactivity, though. It is sticking virtual toes into the cool water of user-generated content.

image of virtual world scene with an object that looks like an old radio

Not just any radio will work in the Media Cafe…

Quite a few issues to be sorted. Is a chat-driven menu better for this than blue dialog boxes? You can choose the soundscape at your favorite hangouts from a list; but, can you load a new URL into the radio? Streams can be submitted via chat, after all. If you knew you could submit a stream URL, would you bother?

You could allow any user to load a new stream, or restrict this to members of a group. Parcel media even lets us provide different audio content to different users. If you are not using parcel media for video, why not make a self-serve, unique audio selection available to every visitor?

Everyone gets their own iPod.

If we want the synergy of sharing socially, we all have to generate some content. So, if you visit the Media Cafe

bring your own bebop.

(It’s a Fair Exchange.)


Written by azwaldo

February 25, 2013 at 5:06 pm

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