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Setting the Virtual Coffee Bar

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I wandered the grid to see some virtual coffee shops; the first seven in the search results for “coffee” in SecondLife™, in order.

Image of virtual world coffee shop, avatar seated in distinct pose

Multi-pose seats and doughnies at BRB Coffee Shop in SL’s Marachia

All of them had coffee machines and animated mug prims; but, they did not all have pastries. Two had seats with adjustable poses and two had tea service. Not one of the seven I visited displayed any sort of news or current events; no streaming media. They all had music; but, I never saw an option to change the stream. No knobs and dials.

Two seem worth mention here.

My first stop, BRB Coffee Shop (slurl), set the bar early. A nicely designed space with various seating areas, the scene was casual and comfortable

The detail at Cool Beans Coffee Shop (slurl)busied the eye; plenty of care in the texturing. For making a cool, quaint space; this was most impressive.

Image of virtual world coffee shop with finely detailed design elements

Rich texturing of Cool Beans Coffee Shop

Still, I did not see anything delivering information. To be fair, there may have been more interaction available,  me missing out in a hurry to bop around in my survey. I will be back to Cool Beans, though.

I only ever saw one other user, and that was an owner tending their own parcel.

I saw an interactive bookcase; no literature beyond its facade but it had an animated pillow, for posing with a book. One spot had a crystal-ball-sort-of hover-text fortune-telling object. It was—at least—a sign that the builder was trying to engage users with some type of written word, even if it was just a bit of schmaltz.

There was a cat.

I do not mean to seem cynical. I recognize the appeal in some of those spaces; an easy destination in which to meet and have a quiet conversation. “Let’s TP over to Cool Beans for a bit.” Many VW users probably have a folder full of such locations; all good for quiet, atmospheric conversation. And, I have made advantage of plenty of pose-ball settings to snap a screenshot for grins.

I think I am just looking for something new.


Written by azwaldo

January 31, 2013 at 8:56 am

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